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Freshclor – An ideal pre and post procedural rinse

Dispersal of microorganisms in your practice may be a threat to your patients and you. Using Freshclor as a pre-procedure rinse will help you minimise that threat. According to the CDC "studies have demonstrated that a pre-procedural rinse with an antimicrobial product can reduce the level of oral microorganisms in aerosols and spatter generated during routine dental procedures."


Pre-procedural Rinsing

Patients who use Freshclor at home before a scheduled procedure will arrive in your practice with less bleeding, swelling and inflammation. This should make the procedure move more quickly, saving time and resources for both the dental professional and the patient.

Post-surgical Rinsing

Freshclor enhances soft tissue healing after periodontal surgery or any other surgeries of the mouth without interfering with fibroblastic activity which aids wound healing


Better Compliance

Freshclor is free from alcohol, does not stain the teeth, does not promote tartar build-up, and does not affect or alter taste buds.


Improved Image and Positioning for your Practice

Supports the image as up-to-date practice on all the best and latest products and as having solutions to all of a patient's needs and problems.

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Crystal Clear Choice


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